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Why Candidates Choose Us

Access to a wide range of job opportunities

Recroot aggregates job listings from various industries, companies, and locations providing candidates with the chance to find the right opportunity.

Hiring within 24 hours

We are committed to using a fast-tracked hiring process to attract candidates who are actively seeking immediate employment.

Enhanced visibility to employers

Recroot enhances the chances of being noticed and considered of candidates' profiles for job opportunities exposing them to potential employers.

Resume Parsing

Once a candidate uploads a CV to the portal, we automatically extract information from it that’s important to recruiters and store them in a secured database.

Quick Apply

After completing the profile up to 70%, job seekers can quickly apply for job openings using their stored profile information with just a few clicks.

Application tracking and management

With Recroot, candidates can view the status of their applications, and receive feedback from employers in one centralized location.



How It Works


1. Create an Account

Start your job search journey by creating a candidate account on Recroot to gain access to the platform.

2. Build your profile with a minimum of 70% completion rate

Complete your profile up to 70% by uploading a resume and filling out other mandatory information like notice period, work preference, salary expectations, etc.

3. Explore job listings

Browse through the thousands of job listings available on Recroot using advanced search filters, ensuring that you find positions that match your interests and qualifications.

4. Apply to jobs

If you find suitable job openings, proceed to apply directly through the Recroot portal.


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